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How we budget and manage our money has changed a lot in the 21st century. People who hadn’t even started using direct deposit 10 years ago now have their bills automatically paid online each month, and you can now apply for, open, and maintain a bank account without ever stepping in a bank branch.

There are some transactions that we still can’t do from the comfort of our homes or the convenience of our desk – primarily, withdrawing cash. So until your phone can start printing out money, chances are you’ll still need to visit an ATM from time to time. Thankfully, our ATMs have evolved over time too, providing you with a convenient, environmentally friendly ways to make transactions. So the next time you need to get cash, take a second to check out these ATM features.


Keeping good financial records is a great habit. Crumpling up receipts in your coat pocket where they’re destined to be forgotten? Not so much. If you already receive your monthly account statements by email, why not receive your receipts there as well? Next time you stop by the ATM, choose eReceipts over a paper receipt to have it sent directly to your inbox – you can even make eReceipts your default setting. In addition to being a great step towards reducing your carbon footprint, it’ll save you the hassle of cleaning out your pockets or glove compartment of piled up paper receipts.

Deposit checks or cash at ATMS – envelope free

Gone are the days of needing an envelope to deposit cash or checks at an ATM. After all, we’re all about waste reduction! Quickly make your deposits all in one place. While using mobile deposit can be extremely convenient, ATMs are particularly great if you have multiple checks to deposit. It’s quicker than scanning several checks on your phone, and when you deposit a check at the ATM, a picture of the check will be added to your account history for your records. Have cash you need to deposit? Stop by an ATM to add it to your account right away. After all, cash in your savings account earns more than cash in your wallet.

Personalized settings and convenient locations

Ok, there are 2 advantages of ATMs here, but they add up to 1 great benefit – getting you out the door fast. A lot of times when you stop at an ATM, you’re making the same transaction. Withdrawing $40 for lunch for the next week. Checking your account balance. Depositing a check. Instead of navigating through a menu each time, you can customize up to 3 favorite transactions. After you make a transaction once, you can add your last transaction to “My Favorites.“ Then the next time you stop by? One quick click, and you’ll be on your way. Even more convenient, many Santander Bank ATMs are located in CVS pharmacies. So in addition to quickly making your transactions, you can roll ATM visits into other errands.

While it’d be great if we could take care of all of our banking from the comfort of our own home, ATMs are continuing to improve to provide a convenient experience. There are a lot of advantages of ATMs, including their location. There’s likely one near you! Find an ATM in your area today.

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