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Interested in upping your commitment to environmental responsibility? You might already be taking part in popular sustainability efforts like recycling and carpooling, but did you know that green living could extend to the way you bank?

At Santander Bank, you can utilize online and mobile banking as well as customize your account options to help reduce your carbon footprint. Here are two ways you can get started:

Avoid Unnecessary Trips to the Bank or an ATM

Thinking about driving to your local bank branch or ATM? Think again. Many common transactions can be taken care of from your smartphone or home computer. These transactions include:

  • Transfers between accounts
  • Depositing checks
  • Bill payments

You can even find answers to customer service questions! Consider the amount of time you spend weekly, monthly, or even yearly driving to the bank. Why waste time and gas when you can bank from the convenience of your own home? Your carbon footprint will thank you.

Learn More About Online and Mobile Banking.

Waste Reduction is a Snap When You Go Paperless

Are you still receiving physical account statements? In addition to taking up space, they can cost you $3 per paper statement. Waste reduction, both physical and monetary, is simple at Santander Bank. Log in to your online bank account, navigate to the Customer Service tab, and click ‚ÄúTurn Off Paper Statements.” You’ll be able to easily access your statements online whenever you need them as long as you’re near a computer or mobile device.

Take paperless banking to the next level by enrolling in BillPay at Santander Bank. By using BillPay online, you can save postage and physical mailing resources. You can also request eBills from participating companies, and they will begin to send electronic versions of your bills directly to you Santander Bank online account. Learn more about how to set up BillPay and request eBills.

In addition to being convenient, by switching to paperless, you’re preventing paper statements and bills from being created, reducing resource use and your carbon footprint. Make sure to securely recycle any paper statements you still have!

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