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People need to increase their incomes for a variety of reasons. Some want to save for a major purchase, such as a house. Others want to pay off student loans more quickly, retire early, or start their own business to leave the corporate world. The type of side hustle one chooses should be based on your existing skill set and the purpose for the extra funds.

Remote Work

It is often possible to work with highly respected firms as a remote worker. The hours required by the businesses vary but it is usually possible to find night and weekend shifts that don’t conflict with typical business hours. Call centers have been increasingly turning to remote workers to staff these positions and it allows you to work from the comfort of your own home.

Other careers, like a mortgage loan officer, are an excellent choice for those with a desire to have a greater degree of responsibility and freedom. Finding a side hustle that allows you to work remotely with a respected company is one of the best options. It ensures timely payment, a respectful work environment, and offers the best potential for growth.


Freelancing covers many different possibilities. It may be possible to freelance within the same industry as your full-time job, however, ensure that it doesn’t violate any non-compete clauses in your contract to avoid any complications.

One of the most popular types of freelance is in the field of writing. This is because virtually every industry needs people who are capable of writing. News sites, white papers, blogs, and even internal company documents are all typically handled by freelance writers. For those who have a way with words and an ability to meet deadlines, this is a lucrative position with tasks that can be completed when you have free time.

Other industries also have room for freelance professionals. Freelance photographers may only take clients on the weekends or evenings. Website designers and graphic artists may take projects on one at a time to be completed in their off hours over the course of several weeks.

Educators may be interested in offering their services as tutors. Tutors can connect and work with students online via a third-party facilitator. Many tutors also find private clients by advertising locally and placing an emphasis on their educational expertise. For example, a pharmacy technician may offer to tutor students in chemistry or science.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts aren’t just for children. For those with artistic capabilities, the world of online retail has substantial opportunities. Numerous websites have been created specifically to showcase the skills of talented artisans. Websites like Etsy make it easy for artists to display their offerings to an international audience with virtually no startup costs. It may take time to learn to properly direct interested consumers to your online storefront but proper search engine optimization can make that easier.

Goods can also be sold at local farmer’s markets or craft fairs. Regional craft shows are held throughout the year and the cost of attending is typically limited to the fee for the booth and transportation to and from the location. Many people create all year and then sell at a few strategic locations during the year.

For those who need to increase their income more quickly, there are several tips that can net savings at your main job. By combining those tips with a side hustle, it is possible to substantially increase one’s income in a short period.

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