What is the #SaveUpChallenge?

The #SaveUpChallenge is a simple 30 day challenge designed to get you to save $465.
Save $1 on day one and increase your savings by a dollar each day. After 30 days, you’ll have saved $465!

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Pack Your Lunch:

Buying lunch every day adds up. If you’re spending $10 a day on lunch, that adds up to $200 a month, or $2400 a year! Buying groceries and eating them for lunch is a lot more cost efficient.

Did You Make A List?:

Grocery shopping without a list (or while you’re hungry!) is a sure way to overspend at the store. Shop with a list so you’ll be set on getting what you came for and less likely to wander looking for unnecessary items.

Take Out Takeout:

What’s a weekend without spending too much on takeout? Takeout is an easy way to (literally) eat up money. Delivery fees and delivery minimums are a sneaky way to waste at least $15. Buy the food you’re craving in grocery stores or make it at home.

Ditch Your Ride:

While convenient, ride-sharing apps are notorious for eating up paychecks. A study says that the average person spends over $4,000 a year on ride-sharing apps.* Take public transportation or carpool with friends instead and you’ll save a lot of money.

*According to a Time Money article

Save At The Bar:

You can still go out with your friends on the weekend without spending tons of money at the bar. Keep your tab closed so that you have to think twice about pulling out your wallet again. Avoid places with cover charges, or find out when they start charging cover and get there early. Look online for happy hours and specials in your city.

Convenience Store Trap:

Wandering around a convenience store is an easy way to spend a lot of money. We end up buying a lot of little things we didn’t need when we shop aimlessly, which really adds up. Only buy what you came to the store to get, or don’t go in at all.

Cancel Subscriptions:

It’s easy to sign up for a free trial of a subscription service and then forget about it. Go through everything you subscribe to and cancel the subscriptions you don’t actually need.

Don’t Forget Coupons:

There are several online websites for finding deals and coupons in your city. You can get major discounts on things like dining out, entertainment, spas and beauty treatments, fitness services, just by searching for deals on these sites.

Host A Potluck:

Want to go out to dinner with friends but need to save? Have a potluck dinner at home. Invite all your friends over and have them each bring a dish to share with everyone. Dishing out a homemade meal > dishing out $28 for dinner.

Check Out The Library:

Bored but don’t want to spend money? Your public library has a lot of entertainment options, including books, movies, music, and sometimes free museum or event tickets.

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Taking on the Challenge

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