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Digging through your wallet, trying to figure out where you put your credit card? Don’t panic! Not being able to find your credit card, whether it was lost or stolen, is frustrating, not to mention scary. But there are steps you can take immediately, like figuring out how to lock your credit card so nobody else uses it, and preventative steps you can take in the future to help protect your finances. So take a deep breath, and jump in! Spoiler: The first step will only take you a couple of minutes.

Freeze Your Credit Card

First things first – if you aren’t using your credit card, then nobody else should be! Even if it wasn’t stolen, your credit card could be found, and somebody might take advantage of the situation. If you have a Santander Bank credit card, freezing your credit card is easy. Just open your Santander mobile app or log in to your online banking profile and utilize Santander Instant Card Hold. As soon as you turn it on, many transactions made by your card will be blocked. Even better? If you do find your card, you can turn it back on just as quickly.

Check Your Credit Card Activity

Before you get out of your mobile app or online banking profile, check your purchase history. This will help you catch any fraudulent charges on your lost or stolen credit card early, and dispute them right away. If your card has been used, call 1-888-728-1222 to report the fraudulent charges. Keep an eye on your activity history for a few days, just to be safe!

Order a Replacement Card

If you’ve looked everywhere and still haven’t been able to find your card, it’s time to permanently block your lost credit card, report it as lost or stolen, and order a replacement card. Call 1-888-728-1222 and they will walk you through the process of ordering a new credit card, and let you know how long it will take to get to you.

Update Recurring Payments

Once you have your new credit card number, you’ll need to update any recurring payments using your card with the new information. This could include utilities, subscription services, or other bill payments. Take a few minutes to list everything out – you may want to consult a few past credit card statements to make sure you have them all. And then? Knock everything out in one fell swoop. You’ll be glad to get it over with!

Keep an Eye on Your Credit Report

If your credit card was stolen, it’s a good idea to check your credit report to make sure nothing else about your identity has been compromised. Your credit history affects your eligibility for new credit cards, lines of credit and loans, so it’s important to quickly identify any issues with your credit score and dispute them. Thankfully, it’s free to check your credit score once a year!

Avoid Future Issues

Things happen, and you can’t always avoid a lost or stolen credit card. One way to avoid losing your card in the future? Leaving it at home. With mobile wallet options available like using Apple Pay, all you need is your phone to make purchases at many major retailers.

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