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When it comes to the holiday season, it can be easy to lose track of your finances. You might be spending a lot, and your schedule may be off-track in a flurry of travel and time out of the office. You might not be able to devote the effort you normally would to watching your bank accounts, and if you’re on the road you might not have access to a bank branch or even your computer. So how do you make sure your bank account is still merry when the holiday season is over?

Before you hit the road, take a moment to set up Santander Bank alerts and familiarize yourself with mobile banking tools that could be essential to help protect your finances this holiday season.

Mobile Tool #1: Bank Alerts1

Low effort, high reward. You can customize email or text notifications ahead of time, so you’ll be in the loop without even having to log in to your account over the holidays. For example, set an alert if your balance falls below a designated amount, or if it’s close to zero. That way you can make a deposit, transfer funds or stop spending as needed to avoid an overdraft. Want to know when your direct deposit has posted? Get a text when a deposit has been made to your account. You can even set up a regular bank notification with an account balance and recent transaction summary. This can help you catch if any fraudulent purchases have been made so you can rectify the situation.

Mobile Tool #2: Quick Balance and Mobile Transfers

If you’re concerned about your balances, you can easily check them on the go. With the Santander Mobile Banking App2, you don’t even have to log in. Set up to three accounts to display with Quick Balance.

Plus, if your balance is low you can also transfer funds between accounts3 from the mobile app. Just open the app, navigate to Transfers, swipe to choose your account and enter the amount. Less time making a transfer means more time to relax.

Mobile Tool #3: BillPay

Forget to pay a bill? We’ve got you. If you’ve already set up the biller in online banking, or if you receive eBills for the account, you can take care of it directly from your phone. All you have to do is open the app, navigate to BillPay, and set up a payment. Don’t start the New Year with a late fee!

Mobile Tool #4: Mobile Check Deposit4

Did you receive any checks as a gift this year? You don’t have to wait to get to a bank branch or ATM to deposit it. Easily deposit your checks from your mobile app: Endorse the check, take a picture of the front and the back of the check with your phone’s camera, and confirm the deposit amount.

Learn more about Mobile Check Deposit.

Mobile Banking for a Brighter New Year

It’s always hard to get back to normal life after the holiday season. Don’t make it harder on yourself by returning to an unpleasant financial surprise. With so many tools and bank alerts, you can stay in the know, even when you’re on the go.

Don’t have Mobile Banking Yet? Learn more.

1 Refer to your Online Banking Agreement for terms and conditions. If you choose to receive text message alerts to the mobile phone number you provide to us, alerts will be sent by an autodialed telephone dialing system. Message and data rates may apply.
2 To use the Santander Mobile Banking App, you must first enroll and log in to Online Banking and accept the Online Banking Agreement.
3 You can withdraw funds from your savings or money market savings account no more than 6 times by computer, telephone, preauthorized transfer, check, or Debit Card purchase each service fee period. Fees apply if you exceed these limits, and if you repeatedly exceed these limits, we will close your account or convert your account to a checking account.
4 Mobile deposits are subject to limits and other restrictions. Refer to the Online Banking Agreement for details.
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