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A Day in the Life: How We Bank, Digitally

Now more than ever, consumers rely on digital solutions to track, spend, and invest their money. You can easily manage routine activities from buying a coffee to checking your bank account balance to splitting a bill between friends via a mobile device. It’s not just convenient, it’s common. Consider that 55% of all consumers use at least one-full service banking app. That’s not to mention the plethora of other financial applications available that often work in tandem with your bank app, including apps related to saving budgeting, digital payments and wealth management.

Digital banking is now part of our daily lives. These tools play a growing role in helping consumers better manage their personal finances, as well as improve them. Today, you can set a financial goal, and then monitor your progress toward achieving on daily — or even hourly — basis. This interactive graphic reveals how digital banking has become an integral part of modern personal finance, with consumers utilizing online financial services from when they wake up to when they wind down.

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