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Nowadays, the terms “credit cards” and “points” are nearly inseparable. There are countless blogs and financial columns devoted to diving into what card earns what points and where, with tips on how to stretch your rewards to the limit. And rightly so. With so many different credit cards and rewards programs to choose from, it literally pays to make a smart decision.

When it comes to identifying which credit card with rewards is right for you, it’s good to consider how the credit card will fit into your lifestyle. Some people go big to earn rewards. Ever heard of the trend of “mileage runs?” Die-hards will book a flight just to earn more airline miles or maintain a preferred airline status, whether they wanted to visit the destination or not. While not everyone is that extreme, some cash back rewards credit cards require a lifestyle change.

For the average credit card user, a credit card with points will probably be more valuable if it aligns with everyday needs. The Bravo® credit card rewards program from Santander Bank looks towards the everyday and may reward you for the ways you are already spending!

Bravo® for Triple Points

Think back on where you have spent your money over the past week or month. While unexpected purchases come up, there’s probably a pattern of places you visit with regularity. Santander Bank thinks it makes sense to reward you in the places you visit the most. For purchases made at grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants, you’ll earn triple points, with up to 15,000 points per calendar quarter. You could be earning points at places you probably already visit!

Bravo® for Points Everywhere Else

While we want to make sure you earn rewards in the places that matter most, we know you use your credit card elsewhere too! You still get one reward point for every dollar spent, no matter where you spend it, on net new retail purchases. Plus, if you go over your 15,000 limit at triple-point locations, you’ll continue to earn one point per dollar spent through the rest of the quarter. Start earning wherever you go!

Bravo® for a Bonus Offer

Sometimes credit cards come with bonus offers with a long laundry list of requirements. It’s not always realistic, and sometimes you end up spending money needlessly just to get an extra reward. With the Bravo® credit card, it’s pretty straightforward. Spend $1,000 on net new retail purchases within the first 90 days of opening your account, and you’ll receive $100 cash back via statement credit within 6 weeks.

Earn Points for Rewards

So what do you get to do with all of the points? You can use the points you earn on your Bravo® Credit Card for cash back via statement credit, gift cards, or travel. Simple and rewarding? That’s worth cheering about.

*Account must be in good standing. Applies to new net retail purchases only.
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