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When you’re on the go, it can be hard to fit everything you need to get done between 9 and 5. Even if you don’t work traditional hours, you can’t always drop everything and get to a branch or an ATM to do your banking.

It’s time to bank on your own terms. With the Santander Mobile Banking App you can take care of many of your banking needs, whenever it best fits into your schedule. Here are 5 (out of many!) ways that the Santander Mobile Banking App1 can make your life and banking simpler:

1. Quick Balance Check

When you’re in a rush, you want to cut out as many unnecessary steps as possible. We understand. Because of that, you can view the balance of up to 3 selected accounts without even having to log in to your account. So if you’re in line at the store or writing a check and want to make sure you have enough in your account, you won’t have to wait to see your balances.

2. Mobile Fund Transfers2

After checking your balances, if one of your accounts is low, you can easily transfer funds from one account to another account. Just open the app, select Transfers from the menu, swipe to choose your “To” and “From” accounts, and enter the amount you want to transfer.

Learn more about Mobile Transfers.

3. Mobile Check Deposit3

Have a check to deposit? It can be easy to let it sit around for several weeks until you can get to a branch or an ATM. Don’t wait. Open the mobile deposit feature of the app, take a picture of both sides of the check (make sure you sign it first!), and confirm your deposit.

Learn more about Mobile Check Deposit.

4. Mobile Bill Payments

Forget to pay one of your bills, or don’t have time to log on to your computer? If you’ve already set up a biller through Online Banking, you can pay the bill directly from your phone. Just open up the BillPay tab in your app and select the bills you need to pay.

Learn more about Mobile BillPay.

5. Customer Service

Have a question? There is an extensive FAQ section available in the mobile banking app, with information about features and answers to other banking questions.

If you’d like to speak to an expert, your Santander Mobile Banking App can help too. You can easily find the location of your nearest branch or contact our customer service center.

Ready to simplify the way you bank? Learn more about Mobile Banking and how to download the Santander Mobile Banking App.

1 To use the Santander Mobile Banking App, you must first enroll and log in to Online Banking and accept the Online Banking Agreement. Message and data rates may apply.
2 You can withdraw funds from your savings or money market savings account no more than 6 times by computer, telephone, preauthorized transfer, check, or Debit Card purchase each service fee period. Fees apply if you exceed these limits, and if you repeatedly exceed these limits, we will close your account or convert your account to a checking account.
3 Mobile deposits are subject to limits and other restrictions. Refer to the Online Banking Agreement for details.
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